Quite often translator’s work during the translation process assumes connection with sensitive information of various kinds. This information might be strictly confidential, which disclose might significantly harm to the client’s work, or less sensitive, but which it is still important to keep as a commercial secret. Such an information might be related to the business operation principles, commercial secrets etc.

Since the translator’s work might become necessary in a very short term since the moment of translation services request, both parties – the client and the translator do not always have time to sign a confidentiality agreement. However, that does not mean that the translator has a moral right for work information disclosure to other parties. In case of a written agreement or a mutual agreement absence regarding the confidentiality, the translator still has to be very attentive to the work issues of the client in the context of their disclosure in a course of communication with other sides, including other clients, which might include the content of translation, conditions of provision the translation services, the provisions of written documentation and other information, which might harm the work of the client.

Pros and Cons bureau pays a great attention to the work with various clients and keeps confidentiality regarding all information received duding the provision of translation services.