Pros and Cons bureau is a team of translators and copywriters, who provide highly professional services in the field of written translation and consecutive interpreting. We work with various texts, including legal, financial, marketing, technical documentation as well as with general texts translation. We have translated business contracts, press releases, EU documentation, web sites, manuals, art reviews etc. We provided consecutive interpreting services during seminars, at business meetings (including work at different locations outside Riga), at court, conferences, thematic presentations of various products and services; we can also provide interpreting services and accompany private clients during their stay in the Baltic states.


The languages we work with:

We have a substantial experience in written translation from English and Latvian to Russian. We also have worked a lot in the field of translation of Russian texts to English. Our translators are capable of making written translations from Russian to Latvian. In the field of interpreting, our language pairs are English-Russian and Latvian-Russian.

Copywriting services:

Besides translation and interpreting services, we also have an expertise in copywriting. Our experience includes work with start-ups and mature companies with an aim of their promotion, including SEO techniques based on our expertise and knowledge in this field. We also write texts for web sites, press releases, promotional mailing lists, taking into account the work specifics of each particular client. We provide copywriting services in Russian and English.

Our approach:

Our work is based on the individualised approach to each client’s needs and is accomplished within the agreed terms, as soon as it is possible. Our loyal customers appreciate the value for money that we can ensure.

To place an order, please, contact via e-mail contact [@} prosandcons.lv. We will reply the same business day.

Written translation
Editing and correcting texts
Texts for SEO
Texts for social media
Consecutive interpreting

"Don't expect to impress many by not making the mistakes!"

Our language pairs (written translation services)


The price list

The price for the translation of documents is calculated based on the word count in the source text. We charge 0,03-0,06 EUR/word depending on the specifics of the text.

The standard amount of words per page is: 250 words.

Customer reviews

In order to make a request for provision of translation services, please, send us an e-mail to the following address: contact @ prosandcons.lv or use the contact form.
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