Killing me slowly

When the Covid-19 pandemic just started and noone new how long it will last and what circumstanced it will bring afterwards, I have realised that the situation regarding various kinds of businesses and commercial activity will be inversely proportional to the size of each particular business due to the complicated internal organizational processes, which depend on the size of the company. The larger is the organization, the more people it employs, which are related to each other through job responsibilities and norms; the more complex relationship it has with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers and the easier for it to stop functioning due to interruptions in work as a result restrictions, which were introduced as a preventive measures against pandemic, and the more time it will need for getting back to a regular work.

Of course, not the least important factor is the industry, where the enterprise operates. It is not a secret for anyone that the most affected companies are those, which are somehow related to tourism, traveling, and mobility of people. Luckier are those who work in the sphere of food or in the pharmaceutical business and have managed to adapt to new conditions of functioning during the restrictions period.

The reciprocal situation can be observed as well. The catering business, for example, which mostly depended on local consumers and was not connected to the tourism industry, has suffered as well. In this case it is a secondary reaction observed as a decrease in the flow of visitors, which business undergoes the crisis or who have lost their jobs.

It is difficult to make any forecasts in the current situations because accustomed financial flows are interrupted and to return to the situation at least similar to the pre-pandemic time is needed. In the context of business down time and high level of unemployment will definitely take place the business and labour force reorientation as a result of absence of resources to confront the crisis and stay in the taken niche.

Couching and giving advises in the given situation will become a part of a transitional period. Some will invest in the education; others will renew skills, which were not used before. But in any case the economic slowdown has resulted in the pace of life slowdown. The conclusion is there is a need to arm oneself with patience and not to forget about the goals set.

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