To be literate is not just fashionable; it is one of the weapons.

Many will say that it is not essential for a text to be grammatically correct. As long as the contents is understood. And it is true up to the point when the text reaches the people, who are directly connected to the language in question. Those, who spent quite a bit of time studying that language. They might have graduated from the Linguistics department of some University or became translators on their own. Most likely, they went through a gruelling University program, which was only a part of their overall professional training. However, it was so trying and important, that some actually got expelled for not passing an exam. In any case, there aren’t as many really literate people in the world, as it may seem at first glance.

When we are first entering the market with some sort of a product or service, and while communicating with clients, vendors or subcontractors, we will always use a language – either in an official correspondence, in product description, in promotional campaigns, as well as in official invoices and negotiations. The larger the audience that you are addressing, the higher the chance is that your communication might be criticized. It is also possible that some sort an inaccuracy in your message will be noticed by a professional in the field. When doing something, you should always strive for perfection and minimize any risks, including those related to illiteracy. If people are confident that they know a language well, they still need to make sure that they are literate enough to communicate in that language. They can do so but seeking a professional advice or by visiting a private lesson with a native speaker, who is also a trained professional. In addition, when in doubt about the spelling of some word, it is important to check it. There are plenty of reliable resources on the Internet that are available to us right now. A private lesson may reveal some earlier undetected systematic mistakes and also lead to an increased motivation to further perfect one’s knowledge of a specific language. On the other hand, a professional will evaluate the correctness of a written text and may offer proofreading or editing services if the text contains problems.

This article was written to call attention to people’s literacy. Also to the fact that often times what something does not set one person’s teeth on edge, may sound quite unbearable to another. In addition, it was written to remind you that it is never too late to learn something new. However, if you do not have enough time for self-improvement, you can always turn to a professional, who will help you work on your written or oral communication skills.

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